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Summer 2018
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Aircraft Maintenance Management Ontario College Graduate Certificate

This program will provide management skills to individuals who have been promoted to, seek to be promoted, or currently hold senior positions within aircraft maintenance departments or organizations. The business, financial and interpersonal skills obtained from this program will complement already proven technical abilities enabling graduates to successfully and safely manage and lead an aircraft maintenance department or organization.

Admission Requirements:
Graduates from aircraft maintenance diploma or degree programs; successful completion of an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME) licence or equivalent. Five years of experience with technical responsibilities within the industry is recommended.

Certificate Requirements:
AMM100	Leadership for AMM
AMM105	Communications for AMM
AMM110	Human Resources for AMM
AMM115	Training and Development Processes for AMM
AMM120	Introduction to Financial Management for AMM
AMM125	Applied Financial Management for AMM
AMM200	Business Processes for AMM
AMM205	Marketing for AMM
AMM210	Regulatory Compliance for AMM
AMM215	Aircraft Fleet Management
AMM220	Safety Management Systems for  AMM
AMM225	Quality Assurance for AMM
AMM230	AMM Practicum

The AMM program is under development. The following courses are currently available for registration.

  Summer 2018
No courses available for registration

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