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Academic and Career Entrance (ACE) Program


Missing a prerequisite for college? ACE is the Academic and Career Entrance Program, delivered by all 24 Ontario community colleges. ACE is recognized as the Grade 12 equivalent for admission to college programs and apprenticeship training. A growing number of employers also recognize ACE for hiring purposes.

ACE is now available through online study. You can register for any of the ACE courses through Canadore College. The Learn to Learn (L2L) module is a prerequisite for all ACE online courses. Please contact for information on L2L and the registration process.

Free intakes will be offered in January, March and April for the Winter 2020 semester.

ACE courses available


ACE Communications


ACE Core Mathematics


ACE Chemistry


ACE Biology


ACE Physics


ACE Self-Management/Self-Direction


ACE Computer Applications


ACE Apprenticeship Mathematics


ACE Business Mathematics


ACE Technical Mathematics

  Summer 2024

Note: Each semester, there are a limited number of tuition-free seats available in ACE online courses for eligible students. Eligible students must be residents of Ontario who are taking the course for the first time. All other students must register with Durham College and pay applicable fees. Please visit ACE Distance for more detailed information about eligibility and registering in these courses.

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