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Fall 2023
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General Information

Types of Courses

Online Learning
Our online courses act as a virtual classroom where students can learn, share, discuss and create. Online courses are facilitated by college instructors who provide meaningful feedback and support throughout the course. One of the great things about online learning is that it can fit around your busy schedule. Online learning requires students to be self-motivated. Remember that online courses will typically take the same amount of dedicated time as traditional courses.

Most of our online courses are delivered through OntarioLearn. OntarioLearn is a collaborative partnership between 24 Ontario colleges that provides a wide range of high-quality online courses designed and delivered by colleges throughout the province. All online courses are taught by college instructors and students have access to 24/7 technical support through OntarioLearn. You can register for these courses directly on our website. You will receive a welcome email from our OntarioLearn Coordinator before the start date of the course with information on how to access your OntarioLearn online course. For more information on OntarioLearn, please contact

Courses with a delivery method of “Internet Delivery” are offered through Canadore’s in-house online learning platform – Desire to Learn, or D2L for short. These courses are instructor guided and students have access to technical support through Canadore College. You will receive a welcome email from our D2L Coordinator before the start date of the course with information on how to access your D2L online course. For more information, please contact

Booking Your Exam

Students must contact the Continuing Education Office at Canadore College to book their exams. Exams must be booked a minimum of two weeks in advance of the date you would like to write. Exams must be completed by the Friday following the course end dates.

Most college level courses have a final exam that will need to be written in a testing center or with a proctor. Your instructor will be able to provide you with exam details.

If you are located too far from a testing center you can use a proctor to write your exam. It is a student’s responsibility to find a suitable proctor and pay any applicable fees associated with writing exams. A proctor should be an educational or human resource professional or a person in an authority role, such as a professor, librarian or police officer. A proctor cannot be a relative, co-worker, neighbour, friend, student or person with the same address as the student.

Continuing Education Certificate Request

This application should be submitted by Continuing Education students who have completed the final academic requirements for their credential:

Continuing Education Certificate Request

Canadore College Policies and Procedures

Respectful College Community

Safe College Community

All Policies and Procedures

Notice of Waiver
Every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of this information as of the date of publication, however, information of this type tends to become outdated with time. Therefore, the college reserves the right to modify or cancel any program, option, course, objective, fee, timetable, or campus location without notice or prejudice. We cannot assume responsibility for changes made after publication in areas beyond our control.

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