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Fall 2021
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Title: Applied Math - Wastewater
Course: WAT 150


This course is intended to provide the students with math basics as applicable to the operation of water and wastewater systems. The basic concepts in unit conversions, area, volume calculations, and density are discussed first. Based on this students are introduced to the use of math to understand chemistry math under the topics of concentration, feed solutions, liquid chemicals, molarity, normality and organic loading. The main objective of the course is to lay a sound foundation in math and chemistry concepts as required to understand and apply to the operation of water and wastewater systems. This will allow students to get ready for the math component in various levels of operator certification examinations of the Ontario Ministry of Environment.

Term CRN Day Date Time Campus Delivery Fee Senior Fee

Applied Math - Wastewater
202030 30279  
  Independent Ontario Learn $500.60 $443.90 REG

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